Is SEO enough to CRUSH search Engine marketing? 

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We All hear about the importance of Search engine optimization (SEO) for our website, as a lot of people thinks that high rankings always mean high traffic, but is that true? And is SEO alone enough to generate a good Return on investment from search engines?  

 Although SEO is a great way to generate traffic to your site, it does not usually generate the best ROI for your business if performed solely,  

so, what should you consider alongside SEO to ace Search engine marketing?  

“Pay per click (PPC)” or google ads (considering it’s the biggest search engine used) 

Why PPC? here are 5 great reasons: 



1- Instant market entry: 

The ability to establish a campaign and be seen to your audience within minutes of starting your ad is undoubtedly Google ads’ largest perk. Whereas SEO requires an average of 3 to 6 months or more depending on your niche competition to show up in the search results 

2- You direct visitors where you want them to be: 

What makes Google ads so effective, is the ability to direct your campaign traffic to any specific landing page that has been designed and curated with an offer for that exact campaign 

For example: if you have an online store that sells beauty products, you can create a landing page with an offer for hair related products which you want to push through your PPC ad, and thus target the keywords that people search for that are only related to hair products such as: 

  • Hair products for sale 
  • The best hair products 
  • Etc. 

And that’s one of the features that you can’t have with SEO, as Google might rank one of your blogs that are related to makeup and therefore bring in traffic that’s hard to direct to your offer’s page. 

3- Priceless Data 

The data that you get from your Google ad analytics is priceless, not just for your marketing campaigns but for you own business as well, you will learn more about your customers preferences and interests and thus improve your business and tweak your services accordingly. Try to use the provided data to optimize future campaigns until your reach an optimal level performance. you may utilize that data to check the most popular phrases being used by your target audience and incorporate them into your keyword optimization. 

4- Retargeting options 

Did you that the average conversion rate is around 2%? so, on average, if 100 people visited your website, only 2 are likely to take action and actually buy something off your website, fortunately however, there is a solution that google offers which could pump up those numbers, 


Retargeting works by showing your ads to people who previously visited your website which works as a reminder that you still exist, and you still have what they were looking for. Which increases your site’s overall conversion rate

5- A great testing tool for a new product, service or market 

Google ads are a great way to test out new products or new markets as you will be able to immediately tell whether there are people looking for a similar product or service in that market or not. If you are launching a new product or service in a market or launching an existing product in a new market, doing SEO for that launch is going to be hectic and you won’t have accurate data to further improve your business planning. 


If we want to write about all the benefits of Google ads, one blog won’t do it justice, however, these points are few of the major points of why you should consider Google ads or (PPC) alongside other marketing strategies such as SEO. 


If you are looking to improve your business’s online presence and start getting new clients, contact us and  let us have a chat!  


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